Tour Through Cajón del Maipo Weekends 2019 and 2020

Discover El Cajón del Maipo, touristic tour of the historic city of San José de Maipo and the Andes Mountains, natural architecture, with its diverse flora and fauna and the interesting activities that can be developed here such as Mountaineering, a fair oasis on the outskirts of Santiago, the feeling of tranquility and fresh mountain air. One or two day excursion led by an expert guide, capture impressive images of interest, valleys, rivers, mountains and a resplendent reservoir lake, while heading towards the Andes mountain range. The Natural Monument the Morado. el toyo trail This area, protected and managed by CONAF (National Forestry Corporation), is 93 km from Santiago in the town of Baños Morales and has an area of 3,009 hectares, in which its Andean flora consists of less 300 species between native and exotic

Visit the San José Town (Cajón del Maipo)

Visit El Yeso Reservoir (Cajón del Maipo)

Visit the Morado Glacier (Cajón del Maipo)

Visit The San José Town (Cajón del Maipo)

Visit to Baños Morales (Río Maipo)

Visit to the Observatory (Cajón del Maipo)

Book in advance, we recommend booking at least 45 days to better coordinate the circuits.