Tour Big Island of Chiloé 

Departures from Puerto Montt, we will travel to Pargua to cross to the island of Chiloé. The journey will allow us to admire the landscape of the Chacao channel, we will see some of the most typical animals of the region, we will also admire the stilt houses and wooden churches of the island recognized as World Heritage Sites, we will visit the Regional Museum and the fort of San Antonio built in 1770, we will visit the Bay of Puñuhuil Natural Monument where we will see communities of Humboldt and Magellanic penguins, we will go up to the Castillo San Miguel in Ahuil of 1779, we will visit the city of Quemchi, birthplace of the famous writer Francisco Coloane, we will visit the Church of Nercon and the Museum of Chiloe traditions in the city of Chonchi and we will take a walk along the path over the lush forest in the middle of nowhere, calm and silent through the Chiloé National Park located on the Pacific coast. Reserve Here