Tour  Torres del Paine National Park

Approximately 12,000 years ago the first inhabitants arrived in Southern Patagonia, later the Aónikenk also known as Tehuelches "People of the South" were the ones who inhabited this extensive area of the Park. The first adventurer to arrive in these lands was the Baqueano Santiago Zamora (1870-1890), who became an expert in the region. The first tourist expedition to Torres del Paine was organized by Lady Florence Dixie in 1879, who along with a group of friends were the first Europeans to contemplate the Sierra del Paine. Then it aroused the interest of scientists in this region, such as Otto Nordenskjöld in 1895 and Carl Skottberg in 1908, who carried out reconnaissance expeditions. On April 30, 1970, the Ministry of Agriculture added 11,000 hectares and designated the entire protected area with the name "Torres del Paine National Park." Reserve Here