Tour Patagonia Austral and Ushuaia Argentina

On this journey we will arrive at the city of Ushuaia Argentina, we will visit and navigate the Beagle Channel, we will meet the sea lions of its archipelagos and we will observe a panoramic view of the entire island territory with its snow-capped mountains, we will make an ascent hike to the Martial Glacier, we will meet and We will enjoy a ride on the Southernmost Train in the World and visit the Siberian Fire Dog kennel, where we will take an unforgettable ride with these beautiful animals. Returning we will visit the Karukinka park protected by the Wildlife Conservation Society and the Alberto de Agostini National Park, developing approaches to viewpoints and cycling on trails or route through these incredible parks. We will also navigate the Almirantazgo Sound, the first Multiple-use Protected Coastal Marine Area in Magallanes. Reserve Here