Punta Arenas

One of the most Austral cities in the world, here you can make circuits to open-air museums such as the Nao Victoria Museum, the Museum of Memory, the Fort Bulnes Monument and you can also visit the Regional Cemetery, one of the most beautiful in the world.

Tierra del Fuego

Here you will visit the most Pristine Natural Parks of the Planet and protected by the state, Karukinka Park and the Yendegaia, along with Trekking, Bicycle and Navigation circuits of Lagos or Seno Almirantazgo, to observe Elephant Seals and Glaciers.

Torres del Paine

The eighth wonder of the world awaits you to travel in its extension, you will visit its viewpoints, glaciers and lakes, next to the Milodon Cave (Mylodon darwini) was a great prehistoric animal of the Pleistocene period a giant sloth.

RM Cajón del Maipo

You can visit the Cajon del Maipo one of greatest tourist interest, both for its rich natural architecture, its diverse flora and wild fauna and the interesting activities that can be developed such as Trekking, Horseback Riding and reaching the El Morado Natural Monument.