Tour the Seno Almirantazgo and the Yendegaia Natural Park

In the "last corner of the world", there is a park with more than 156,612 hectares, extending from the Beagle Channel to the Darwin Mountain Range, with forests of ñires and lengas, extensive meadows and peat, with a pristine and rugged coastline , wild rivers, incredible mountains and glaciers make the Yendegaia Park one of the most spectacular places on the island of Tierra del Fuego and the world, little visited and explored by tourists. Now is the opportunity to do it by crossing these amazing parks, Trekking circuits, bike trails and navigate the Admiralty Seno first Coastal Marine Protected Area of multiple uses in Magallanes, you can also visit the Karukinka Park another wildlife protected by Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS Chile). Ancestral lands inhabited by Selknam and Yámanas by the coast.

Birdlife sighting in (King Pingüino Nature Reserve),

Trekking and Observation (Karukinka Park),

Sport Fishing or Trekking in the White Lake (Timaukel Commune),

Visit Caleta María and Navigation through the (Seno Almirantazgo),

Trekking and Observation in (Karukinka Park)

Navigation and Observation (Seno Almirantazgo)

Trekking and Observation in (Yendegaia Park)

Trekking and Observation in Viewpoints (Torres del Paine)