The climate that we have here in the Magallanes region is unique and changing, on the same day you can feel practically the 4 Seasons of the year, if you are coming in winter time you must bring appropriate clothes for the cold and snow, between the months of September and November, a colder and wetter climate will be waiting for you, with winds around 20 to 40 km / hr, while if your trip is going to take place between December and February you will find warmer weather and drier days, but with days of greater wind speed and gusts that can reach 90 km / hr.


You have to bring warm clothes, and every day you will have to dress in relation to the current weather conditions. Obviously in winter you must come prepared for snow. However, in spring and summer you have to be prepared for everything. The basics you might need: A hat for protects your ears and head, the wind in our region is very strong some days, which, despite the heat, cools the air quite a bit and your nose and ears get cold. A scarf or some Buff neck and gloves. A first layer is ideal for when there is a lot of wind. A waterproof and windproof jacket, a fleece as a second layer, the jacket will protect you from the wind and the fleece will provide you with heat. Sunglasses and sunscreen. Ozone is very strong here, it must be used year-round. Don't forget comfortable shoes or shoes to walk long distances and visit open Parks.

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