We are a family business for travelers who want to discover Chilean Patagonia or Argentina in an entertaining and different way without age limits. We offer to visit the main natural attractions, in addition, we also propose new routes and little-known corners that allow you to enjoy the end of the world in a unique experience. Our team offers an exclusive and personalized service in each of our expedition programs and tourist circuits.    Company Legal Records


The Kawésqar are an ethnic group from the southern part of Chile "Magallanes Region", nomads who traveled in canoes through the channels of Western Patagonia, between the Gulf of Penas and the Strait of Magellan, including the archipelago south of Tierra del Fire. Fishermen and explorers by essence. The first inhabitants arrived from the north of the American continent and thanks to the end of the last ice age, following the steps of land to the southern end of the continent and which currently corresponds to the Strait of Magellan. The oldest place of occupation in Tierra del Fuego, which has two settlement dates: one of 7,640 B.C. and a more recent one from 3,600 B.C.

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