We are a family business presenting a new approach for those travelers who seek to discover the Chilean and Argentinian Southern Patagonia in a different way. It is not just about visiting the main natural attractions of Magallanes and Tierra del Fuego, but we also offer new and not so popular routes where one can enjoy the real end of the world through a unique experience. We are proud to deliver an exclusive and customized service in each of our Expedition programs and Touristic tours. Our 4x4 count with the highest standard of security and comfort level. We are Registered: in the National Register of Providers of Tourism Services SERNATUR, with the registration number 31297, Type of Service: Travel Agencies and Tour Operator; and the registration number 31804, traveled in off-road vehicles or Off Road; Registration of Private Transportation SEREMI Transporte Magallanes, Resolution No. 0607 of July 30, 2018; Registration of Trademarks in accordance with the law 19,039, on Industrial Property to Kawésqar Overland E.I.R.L named "KWQ OVERLAND" with the registration number: 1274616 Country CHILE.


The Kawésqar they are an ethnic group the Southern zone of Chile "Region of Magallanes", composed of nomads who traveled in canoes through the channels of Western Patagonia, between the Gulf of Penas, the Strait of Magellan and the archipelago south of Tierra of fire. Explorers by essence, were the only ones who were related to other ethnic groups in the area. The first inhabitants arrived from the north of the American continent and thanks to the end of the last glaciation, following the steps of land, to the extreme south of the continent and that in the present corresponds to the Strait of Magellan. The oldest place of occupation of Tierra del Fuego is the archaeological site of Marazzi, discovered in 1960, which has two settlement dates: one of 7,640 a.c. and a more recent one of 3,600 a.c. found in places like Cueva del Milodón, Cueva del Fell, Pali Aike in Patagonia, and Cerro de los Onas (Tres Arroyos) in Tierra del Fuego.

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