If you want to enjoy and live an unforgettable experience in Southern Patagonia, we are Kawésqar Overland a company that provides tourism and logistics, online, for people who love nature and exploration. For those who enjoy the observation flora and fauna, its people and its wonderful natural parks such as Torres del Paine, Karukinka and Yendegaia. Performing trekking, bicycle or entertaining navigation. Staying in 3 and 4 star hotels or in excellent camping Domos type, you choose your style !. We are a company registered in SERNATUR; We care about the environment and the environment, checking our carbon footprint.

1. Torres del Paine - Glacier's 5 days 2.184 USD Hotel, 1.792 USD Camping

2. Tierra del Fuego, Park's and Glacier 5 days 2.016 USD Hotel, 1.775 USD Camping
3. Tierra del Fuego Ushuaia - Glacier's 8 days 3.360 USD Hotel, 2.800 USD Camping

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